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ukDid you know that in the 1881 UK census there were 237 people with the Startup surname? In that year Startup was ranked number 3342 for popularity in the UK.

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Records Found Database Collection
Ancestry global records search results for the Startup family.
Ancestry 1790 - 1930 US Federal census search results for the Startup surname.
Ancestry Historical Newspaper archive search results for the Startup surname.
Ancestry UK Parish Records search results for the Startup family name.
Ancestry UK Census search results for the Startup surname.
Ancestry Military records search results for the Startup surname.

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Births, deaths and marriagesBirth, Death and Marriage Records for the Startup Family Tree

Search the huge Ancestry records Database for Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Startup family.

Explore Startup Parish Records at Find My Past.

Study the UK registered births, marriages and deaths of the Startup family using the FreeBMD database.

Study Genealogy Bank for Startup family records.

Explore the LDS Database for records of the Startup family.

Research the Startup surname using Regimental archive Footnotes by viewing images of original Startup family history documents.

Search World Vital Records for information on the Startup family.

DatabasesStartup Family History Databases

Find Startup records at

Explore Kindred Konnections for information on the Startup family and people looking to contact living Startup relations.

Explore One Great Family for Startup records submitted by people who are already researching the Startup Family History .

Find your Irish Startup relatives on

ForumsStartup Forums

Research the Startup surname using forums .

Search RootsWeb forums for Startup records.

Other databasesOther Startup Databases

Study the Ellis Island Database for information on the Startup family. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.

Study Rootsweb resources for Startup records.

Research the Startup surname using the Genealogy Today database .

ukView the distribution of the Startup surname in Britain using the public profiler Names database. The public profiler Names database contains distributions for the Startup surname in both 1881 and 1998. It also contains data on the ethnicity breakdown of the Startup surname.

AustraliaDid you know that there are currently 15 people with the Startup surname in Australia? Startup is ranked number 2183 for popularity in Australia.


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