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Ancestry is a major source of information if you are filling out your Bridge family tree. Many large databases are available to search covering from births, deaths and marriages, military records, census records and immigration records with many other smaller collections too. Free trials are normally available and are a good way to fill out a lot of your tree quickly.

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Origins and History


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"BRIDGE. Local, from residence near a bridge. John Bridge in Drum, 1658, and John Brig in Drum, 1691 (Dumfries). Andrew Bridge in Burns, 1771 (Kirkcudbright). Cf. BBICGS. "(The surnames of Scotland. George Fraser Black, 1866-1948)


Sometimes you can run into a brick wall in your tree and you just don't have enough evidence to make that next step back in time. If you are lucky then you may find some previously undiscovered Bridge ancestors. Additionally, the modern DNA test can give you a breakdown of your ethnic mix - you may be surprised at the results!

Unlock your DNAHave you reached a brick wall in your Bridge Tree?

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Birth, Death and Marriage Records for the Bridge Genealogy

Birth, Death and Marriage records are often the best method of making the links to the Bridge Genealogy that will form part of your family tree. Although records vary from country to country, they are normally the most formal record of a person's relations. From the sources listed below it will be possible to locate a birth record and, from that record, a birth certificate may be obtainable which is likely to list the names of the parents, therefore taking you back another generation. A marriage certificate may also list the names of the respective fathers of the bride and groom which may then help you to find them earlier in life on a census record enabling you to fill out more detail in the Bridge family tree.

Explore Bridge Parish Records at Find My Past.

Explore the UK registered births, marriages and deaths of the Bridge family using the FreeBMD database.

Search Genealogy BankGenealogy Bank for Bridge family records.

Check out MyHeritage for Bridge family data.

Investigate the LDS Database for records of the Bridge family.

Research the Bridge surname using fold3 Military Archives and view images of original Bridge Military records.

ukDid you know that there are currently 6455 people with the Bridge surname in the UK? Bridge is now ranked number 935 for popularity in the UK.

Bridge Family History Databases

Look at WikiTree for user contributed Bridge family records. Collaboration is encouraged so that accuracy of Bridge data can be verified or corrected by other users.

Look at MyTrees for information on the Bridge family and people looking to contact living Bridge relations.

Study GENi for Bridge family records.

Search One Great Family for Bridge records submitted by people who are already researching the Bridge Family Tree .

Find your Irish Bridge relatives on

Bridge Forums

Research the Bridge surname using forums .

ukDid you know that there are currently 6076 people with the Bridge surname in the USA? Bridge is ranked number 155 for popularity in the USA.

Miscellaneous Bridge Databases

Search the Ellis Island Database for information on the Bridge family. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.

Use the Surname Map project to look at the current distribution of the Bridge surname in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania.

Some Famous People with the surname of Bridge

Wikipedia Bewick Bridge (1767, Linton, Cambridgeshire ? 15 May 1833) was an English vicar and mathematical author.
Wikipedia Frank Bridge (26 February 1879 ? 10 January 1941) was an English composer.
Wikipedia Commodore Horatio Bridge (1806 ? March 1893) was a United States Naval officer who, as Chief of the Bureau of Provisions, served for many years as head of the Navy's supply organization.
Wikipedia Wayne Michael Bridge (born 5 August 1980) is an English football defender, who plays as a left back for Manchester City and the England national team.
Wikipedia Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge (or simply The Brooklyn Bridge) is an American musical group, best known for their rendition of Jimmy Webb?s "The Worst That Could Happen" (1968).
Wikipedia Mark Bridge (born 7 November, 1985 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) is an Australian football (soccer) player.
Wikipedia Graeme Bridge (born September 4, 1980) was an English cricketer.
Wikipedia Ian Christopher Bridge (born 18 September 1959 in Victoria) is a former member of the Canada men's national soccer team and current head coach of the national women's Under-17 national team.
Wikipedia Andrew Bridge (born October 5, 1979 in Chesterfield, England) is a British professional basketball player, and currently plays for the Newcastle Eagles in the British Basketball League.
Wikipedia Chris Bridge is a rugby league player who plays for Warrington Wolves and has also represented Ireland and has also been called up the England squad.
Wikipedia Admiral Sir Cyprian Arthur George Bridge GCB (13 March 1839 ? 16 August 1924) was a British Royal Navy officer towards the end of the era of "Pax Britannica.
Wikipedia Lieutenant Commander John Bridge GC, GM & Bar (5 February 1915 - 14 December 2006) was a British bomb disposal expert of the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve during the Second World War, and recipient of the George Cross.

Other names that sound a bit like Bridge

Baars Bahrke Barac Baraja Barak Barca Barcey Barchi Barcia Barck Barcke Barco Bareis Bares Barese Baress Barg Bargay Barge Bargo Bargy Barheche Baris Barish Barja Bark Barkaway Barke Barkie Barkow Barks Barkway Baroc Baroch Baroche Barock Barok Baros Barosch Baroux Barrack Barracks Barraco Barras Barrass Barrasse Barraza Barrick Barriga Barrios Barrish Barroca Barrois Barros Barrosa Barroso Barrouk Barroux Barrows Barrs Barrss Barrus Barse Barsh Barske Barsky Barss Barszcz Bartch Bartchy Baruch Barukh Barus Barwack Barwick Barwig Barwis Barwise Barwyse Barz Barzee Bauers Bauhers Bawers Bayarsky Bearc Bearce Bears Bearse Bearss Beeres Beers Beerse Behrs Beiers Beirce Beireis Beirse Beraza Beres Beresky Berg Berga Berge Bergeau Bergey Berghuis Bergie Bergo Beric Berich Berick Berk Berka Berkey Berks Berky Beros Berose Berosh Berrick Berridge Berrios Berse Bershee Berwick Berwis Beurich Bewers Beyers Bierce Biers Biras Birazzi Birch Birge Birk Birka Birks Biros Birosh Birse Birtch Birus Boars Boeres Boericke Boerke Boers Borahs Borawski Borck Boreij Boreka Borg Borga Borge Borghese Boris Boriski Bork Borka Boros Boroski Boroughs Borowiak Borowski Borras Borrasca Borrego Borres Borris Borroughs Borrows Bors Borsay Borsch Borsi Borwick Borys Bouers Bourassa Bourcq Bourg Bourk Bourke Bourque Bours Bouwers Bowers Bowerse Bowhers Boyers Braasch Bracchi Bracci Bracco Brace Bracey Brach Bracha Brachey Brack Bracke Bracky Bracy Braes Brag Braga Bragg Bragge Braica Braico Braik Brais Brake Bras Brasch Brasche Braschi Brase Braseau Brash Brashaw Braski Brass Brasse Brassey Brassow Bratch Bratchie Brauch Braus Brausch Brause Brauss Braxay Brayshaw Brayshay Braz Brazeau Brazee Brazie Brazo Breach Breache Breagy Breakey Breaks Breaux Brech Breche Breck Brecko Breckow Breece Breech Brees Breesch Breese Breeze Bregy Brehaux Breisch Brejcha Bresch Bresche Brescio Bresee Bresh Bresie Bressie Bresz Brewis Brewsaugh Brewse Brezee Bricco Brice Brick Brickey Bricksey Brieck Briesch Brigg Brigge Briggs Brighouse Brigshaw Briix Brija Brik Bris Brisco Briscoe Briscow Brise Briskey Briskie Brisse Brisseau Brissey Britch Brix Brixey Brizzy Broach Broas Broatch Brocaw Broch Broche Brochu Brochue Brock Brockey Brockie Brocks Brockway Broek Broga Broge Broggio Brogi Brok Brokaw Broke Brooch Brook Brooke Brooks Brookshaw Brookz Brookzie Broose Bros Brosch Brose Brosh Brosi Brosio Broske Brosky Bross Brosse Brosseau Brotchie Brouk Brous Brouse Brousseau Browse Broz Brozo Brozzo Bruce Bruch Bruck Brucke Brucks Bruckshaw Bruesch Brueske Brug Brugge Bruhke Bruice Bruks Brus Brusaw Bruse Brusey Brush Brusha Brusi Brusie Bruss Brusse Brussie Bryce Brygge Bryggs Brys Buerge Buers Burack Burak Buras Buraski Burce Burcey Burch Burcky Burcy Burdge Burek Bures Burg Burgay Burge Burgee Burgey Burgi Burgy Burhoes Burhouse Burk Burke Burkey Burki Burks Burrage Burras Burrass Burres Burress Burridge Burris Burriss Burross Burroughes Burroughs Burrous Burrowes Burrows Burrus Burruss Bursaw Burscough Burse Bursey Bursk Burss Burtch Burus Burwash Buyers Byars Byers Byrch Byres Byrge