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Ancestry is a major source of information if you are filling out your Lyman R. Casey family tree. Many large databases are available to search covering from births, deaths and marriages, military records, census records and immigration records with many other smaller collections too. Free trials are normally available and are a good way to fill out a lot of your tree quickly.

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Sometimes you can run into a brick wall in your tree and you just don't have enough evidence to make that next step back in time. A DNA test can sometimes help to make a link to a particular family name if you find you share common DNA with people who have the same or similar surnames as each other. If you are lucky then you may get a match within a few generations and discover some Lyman R. Casey ancestors. Additionally, the modern DNA test can give you a breakdown of your ethnic mix - you may be surprised at the results!

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Birth, Death and Marriage Records for Lyman R. Casey and the Casey Family Tree

Birth, Death and Marriage records are often the best method of making the links to the Lyman R. Casey Genealogy that will form part of your family tree. Although records vary from country to country, they are normally the most formal record of a person's relations. From the sources below you will be able to find a birth record and, from that, a birth certificate can be ordered which lists the names of the mother and father, taking you back another generation in your tree. A marriage certificate may also list the names of the respective fathers of the bride and groom which may then help you to find them earlier in life on a census record enabling you to fill out more detail in the Lyman R. Casey family tree.

Explore Parish Records for Lyman R. Casey at Find My Past.

Look at for the UK registered births, marriages and deaths of Lyman R. Casey using the FreeBMD database.

Search Genealogy BankGenealogy Bank for Lyman R. Casey records.

Explore MyHeritage for Lyman R. Casey information.

Study the LDS Database for records about Lyman R. Casey.

Research the Casey surname using fold3 Military Archives and view images of original Casey Military records.

ukDid you know that there are currently 9837 people with the Casey surname in the UK? Casey is now ranked number 589 for popularity in the UK.

Casey Family History Databases

Another way to build your tree quickly is to use the research other people have already done. This can help to confirm or refute your own deductions - however, be wary of taking this data at face value as other researchers may not have been as meticulous as you. Always try to back up deductions with some definitive sources rather than relying too heavily on others.

Search the WikiTree database for user contributed records for Lyman R. Casey.

Study MyTrees for information on the Casey family and people looking to contact living Casey relations.

Study One Great Family for Casey records submitted by people who are already researching the Casey Family Tree.

Find Lyman R. Casey from Ireland on

Casey Forums

There are a number of forums which are dedicated to rearching particular surnames. These can be good places to share your findings and also to tap into the knowledge that others may already have. These can sometimes be a good way of finding living relations as these tend not to show up on the other sources of information for privacy reasons.

Research the Casey surname using forums .

ukDid you know that there are currently 72918 people with the Casey surname in the USA? Casey is ranked number 133 for popularity in the USA.

Miscellaneous Casey Databases

Check out the Ellis Island Database for information on Lyman R. Casey. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.


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Some Famous People called Lyman R. Casey

Lyman R. CaseyWikipedia Lyman Rufus Casey (May 6, 1837 ? January 26, 1914) was a United States Senator from North Dakota.

Other names that sound a bit like Casey

Family names can get corrupted over time, particularly where literacy was not as good. The following list contains some names that have similar sounds so you may want to also look at one or two of the more likely possibilites.

Cacey Cach Cacho Cacsio Cadge Cage Caig Caisey Caisse Caissie Cake Cas Casa Casceo Cascio Case Casee Caseo Cash Casheo Cashew Cashio Cashow Casio Caskey Caskie Caso Cass Cassa Casse Casseu Cassey Cassie Cassou Cassy Casy Catch Cause Causey Caush Causi Caws Cawse Cawsey Cawsy Cayce Caza Caze Cazeau Cazee Cease Cecchi Cece Cech Cechowy Ceci Cecka Cehaich Ceiss Ceja Cejka Ceschi Cesco Cess Chace Chag Chagg Chaika Chaise Chaix Chaize Chaja Chakey Chasco Chase Chasey Chaska Chasse Chazy Cheak Cheake Checchi Checchio Checci Check Checo Chedgey Cheek Cheeke Cheeks Cheese Cheke Chese Chess Chessey Chez Chicco Chick Chicka Chico Chidgey Chiechio Chieco Chiesa Chiese Chieze Chisk Chiske Choak Choake Choice Choke Chosa Chuck Chucks Chugg Ciaccio Ciak Cicci Cicco Cichy Cicio Cies Ciesko Ciezki Ciocchi Ciojo Cis Cisco Ciski Cjecka Coach Coase Coash Coax Coca Cocci Coccia Coch Coche Cock Cocke Cockey Cocks Cocksey Cockshaw Coco Coes Coke Cooch Cook Cooke Cooksey Coose Cooze Cosco Cose Cosey Cosh Coshow Cosio Coskey Cosky Coss Cosse Cossey Cossio Couch Coucha Couche Couse Coushe Coushwa Coushway Coussa Coutchie Cowcha Cowhick Cowhig Cowic Cowick Cowx Cox Coxe Coxsey Coyish Coysh Coziah Cozza Cozzi Cozzie Cuccia Cuce Cuchaw Cuchey Cuckoo Cucksey Cudge Cuicio Cush Cushaway Cushe Cusho Cushwa Cushway Cuss Cutcha Cutchee Cutchey Cutchie Cwiek Cwik Czaja Czajka Czyz