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Ancestry is a major source of information if you are filling out your Brink family tree. A vast range of data is available to search ranging from census records, births, deaths and marriages, military records and immigration records to name but a few. Free trials are normally available and are a good way to fill out a lot of your tree quickly.

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Origins and History


New to Family History? Check out our Getting Started page. Check out House Of Names to investigate the origins of the Brink surname or get a copy of the Brink family Crest (a great gift idea!).


Sometimes you can run into a brick wall in your tree and you just don't have enough evidence to make that next step back in time. If you are lucky then you may find some previously undiscovered Brink ancestors. Additionally, the modern DNA test can give you a breakdown of your ethnic mix - you may be surprised at the results!

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Birth, Death and Marriage Records for the Brink Family Tree

Birth, Death and Marriage records are often the best method of making the links to the Brink Genealogy that will form part of your family tree. Although records vary from country to country, they are normally the most formal record of a person's relations. From the sources listed below it will be possible to locate a birth record and, from that record, a birth certificate may be obtainable which is likely to list the names of the parents, therefore taking you back another generation. A marriage certificate may also list the names of the respective fathers of the bride and groom which may then help you to find them earlier in life on a census record enabling you to fill out more detail in the Brink family tree.

Explore Brink Parish Records at Find My Past.

Explore the UK registered births, marriages and deaths of the Brink family using the FreeBMD database.

Study Genealogy BankGenealogy Bank for Brink family records.

Explore MyHeritage for Brink family data.

Investigate the LDS Database for records of the Brink family.

Research the Brink surname using fold3 Military Archives and view images of original Brink Military records.

Brink Family Tree Databases

Look at WikiTree for user contributed Brink family records. Collaboration is encouraged so that accuracy of Brink data can be verified or corrected by other users.

Search MyTrees for information on the Brink family and people looking to contact living Brink relations.

Check out GENi for Brink family records.

Look at One Great Family for Brink records submitted by people who are already researching the Brink Family History .

Find your Irish Brink relatives on

Brink Forums

Research the Brink surname using forums .

ukDid you know that there are currently 12153 people with the Brink surname in the USA? Brink is ranked number 153 for popularity in the USA.

Miscellaneous Brink Databases

Search the Ellis Island Database for information on the Brink family. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.

Use the Surname Map project to look at the current distribution of the Brink surname in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania.

Some Famous People with the surname of Brink

Wikipedia Carol Ryrie Brink (1895-1981) an American author of over thirty juvenile and adult books.
Wikipedia Bernhard Egidius Konrad ten Brink (January 12, 1841 in Amsterdam ? January 29, 1892 in Strasbourg) was a German philologist.
Wikipedia Jan ten Brink (June 15, 1834 in Appingedam, Netherlands ? July 18, 1901 in Leiden) was a Dutch writer.
Wikipedia Lawrence Raymond Brink (born September 12, 1928) is a former American football defensive lineman who played seven seasons in the National Football League.
Wikipedia Alex Brink (born June 2, 1985 in) is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent.
Wikipedia Christian Brink (born 17 March 1983) is a Norwegian football defender, currently playing for GIF Sundsvall.
Wikipedia Julius Brink (born July 6, 1982 in M?nster) is a beach volleyball player from Germany, who won the gold medal in the men's beach team competition at the 2006 European Beach Volleyball Championships in The Hague, Netherlands, partnering Christoph Dieckmann.
Wikipedia Jos Brink (June 19, 1942, in Heiloo, The Netherlands ? August 17, 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) was a Dutch actor, radio and musical performer, producer, author, columnist, and television and radio personality.
Wikipedia Robert H.
Wikipedia Robert ten Brink (Amsterdam, 20 October 1955) is a Dutch presenter and actor.
Wikipedia Robert Greenleaf Brink (b.
Wikipedia Bas Van den Brink (born 11 September 1982) is a Dutch football player who currently plays for in the A-League.
Wikipedia Milton "Milt, Curly" Brink (b.
Wikipedia Johannes Roelof Maria (Jan) van den Brink (12 April 1915, Laren - 19 July 2006, Hilversum) was a Dutch politician and banker.

Other names that sound a bit like Brink

Baerenger Bahring Bairnsfather Baranowski Baranski Barens Barense Barensen Barenski Barenskie Barensky Barhams Barhems Barhims Baring Baringer Barnaclough Barnacott Barnage Barncard Barncord Barncourt Barnekow Barnes Barneycastle Barnger Barngrover Barnhisel Barnhouse Barnich Barnick Barnicle Barnicoat Barnicott Barnidge Barnish Barniss Barnjum Barnoski Barns Barnsdale Barnsdall Barnsfather Barnshaw Barnsley Barnson Barnstable Barnstaff Barnstaple Barons Barranco Barrans Barrenchea Barrengos Barringer Barrington Bauermeister Bauernschmidt Bayringer Bearimger Bearns Behrens Behring Behrns Beiring Beranek Berenger Berens Berenson Bergnes Beringer Bermes Bernaciak Bernacisko Bernacky Bernakiewicz Bernas Bernasconi Bernasek Bernazzani Bernesser Bernges Berniquez Bernish Bernius Bernocchi Bernocco Bernock Berns Bernsdorff Bernsee Bernson Bernsrdini Bernstein Bernstrel Bernucci Bernuzzi Berong Berringer Berrington Berrong Berwanger Biering Biermacher Biernacik Biernacki Biringer Birong Boehringer Bohring Borenstein Boring Borinstein Borngesser Bornich Bornkessel Bornstein Bornwasser Borrington Bowering Bowerings Bowermaster Bowring Braams Brahams Brahms Brainsby Bramich Bramsen Bramsenger Bramsinger Bramsom Bramstom Bramwich Branagan Branca Brancaccio Brancato Branch Branche Brancheau Branchet Branchett Branchflower Branchomb Brancieri Branco Branconnier Branczyk Branek Brangan Brangwin Brangwyn Brangwynne Branigan Brank Branker Brankin Brankley Branneky Brannick Brannies Brannigan Brannock Branquinho Bransan Bransby Branscomb Branscombe Branscum Bransden Bransdon Bransen Bransetetter Bransfield Bransford Bransgrove Bransom Branson Branss Branstetter Branstine Branstner Branston Branstuddard Branzovich Braumeister Brauneis Braunes Brauns Braunschweiger Braunschwieg Braunstein Braunston Breens Breinig Bremke Bremsenger Bremser Bremsinger Brenchley Brengartner Brengel Brengle Brenguier Brenizer Brennecke Brenneise Brenneisen Brenneke Brensha Brensinger Brenston Brenstuhl Brenzel Brenzovich Breunig Brewington Brewins Briance Brians Brienesse Briens Brignac Brimacombe Brimager Brimagerf Brimicombe Brimmacombe Brimmicombe Brims Brimsenger Brimsinger Brimson Brincefield Brinckerhoff Brinckerhoffe Brinegar Bring Bringelson Bringgold Bringle Bringloe Bringman Bringolf Brings Brinicombe Brinker Brinkerhoff Brinkert Brinketh Brinkhaus Brinkhurst Brinkler Brinkley Brinklinger Brinklow Brinkly Brinkman Brinkmann Brinkmeier Brinkmeyer Brinkroeger Brinkworth Brins Brinsden Brinsfield Brinsford Brinsing Brinsley Brinsmade Brinson Brinster Brinston Briones Broemser Brogneaux Bromage Bromback Bromidge Bromige Brommage Bromwich Bronakoski Brong Bronger Broniecki Bronikowski Bronk Bronkhorst Bronnson Brons Bronsdon Bronson Bronstein Bronsteter Brouncker Brounsell Browing Browncey Brownjohn Brownsall Brownsburger Brownscombe Brownsea Brownsell Brownsett Brownsey Brownsill Brownsmith Brownson Brownstein Brownsward Brownswood Brownsword Brownsworth Bruenger Bruhnicke Bruhnke Bruhns Bruhnsen Bruington Bruins Bruinsma Brumage Brumagin Brumbach Brumback Brummage Brumshall Brunacci Brunchen Brunesco Brungardt Brungart Brunger Brunick Brunicke Bruniges Brunjes Brunk Brunke Brunker Brunkow Brunnstein Bruns Brunscheon Brunsden Brunsdon Brunsen Brunskel Brunskil Brunskill Brunson Brunst Brunstan Brunstetter Brunston Brunsvold Brunswick Brunzell Bruyns Brynes Bryns Buehring Burhans Burington Burink Burmaster Burmeister Burmister Burnage Burnakis Burneikis Burnes Burness Burnidge Burniston Burnock Burnos Burns Burnsall Burnsby Burnsed Burnsell Burnside Burnsides Burnsmeier Burnsmier Burnson Burnsworth Burnsyde Burrington Burwinkel Byrans Byrnes Byrns Byrons