1921 England and Wales Census records are now available!

On 6 January 2022 the 1921 England and Wales Census records were made available online via the FindMyPast website. The records have been indexed and are searchable via the usual methods. These records are only viewable on a pay-per-view basis and are not included in any of FindMyPast's existing subscriptions with the exception of the 12 month premium subscription.

Taylor records on Ancestry

Ancestry is a major source of information if you are filling out your Taylor family tree. Many large databases are available to search covering from births, deaths and marriages, military records, census records and immigration records with many other smaller collections too. Free trials are normally available and are a good way to fill out a lot of your tree quickly.

Country Collection
Globe Ancestry.com Global records search results for the Taylor family.
USA Ancestry.com US records search results for the Taylor family.
UK Ancestry.co.uk UK records search results for the Taylor family.
Canada Ancestry.ca Canadian records search results for the Taylor family.
Australia Ancestry.com.au Australian records search results for the Taylor family.

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Historical References

"TAYLOR, TAYLER, TAYLEUH. From the occupation of 'tailor,' a cutter-out of cloth, Middle English taillourAnglo-French taillour, Old French tatileur, 'the cutter,' from Old French tailler, 'to cut.' In Latin documents rendered cissor. A very common name in early Scots records. Alexander le Tayflur was valet of Alexander ra in 1276 (Bain, n, 76). John le Taillur held the mill of Selkirk as firmar, 1292 (Rot. Scot., i, p. 80), and Brice le Taillur was one of the Scottish prisoners taken at the capture of Dunbar Castle, 1296 (Bain, n, 742). Six persons of this name in the counties of Roxburgh, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Lanark, and Angus rendered homage, 1296 (Bain, n). John Cissor was tenant of Balgirdane in the barony of Buittle, Adam Cissor in barony of Newlands, and Andrew Cissor in the viU of Preston, 1376 (RHM., i, p. be, bd; n, p. 16). Johannes Cissor in the parish of Fyvy was excommunicated, 1384 (REA., i, p. 165). William Scissor held a tenement in Edinburgh, 1392 (Egidii, p. 27), and Walter Cissor had grant of half the land of Glorat from David n (RMS., i, App. n, 1137, 1183). Alexander Scissorus, 'armigerus meus,' 1344 (REA., i, p. 75). Donald Scissor and Bricius Scissor were witnesses in Inverness, 1462 (Invemessiana, p. 141), and Arthur Scissor in Perth, 1463, is mentioned in same year as Arthur Tailzoure (Milne, p. 52, 53). A grave slab in Dundee records "hie iacet Joannes filivs Philippi Cissoris," with a pair of scissors and a bodkin (Jervise, Memorials, p. 29). The Taillear dubh na tuaighe (Black tailor of the battle-axe) is a semi-legendary figure in Cameron traditions. Tailer 1649, Tailleur 1296, Taillor 1408, Tailliovr 1608, Tailliour 1588, Taillur 1296, Taillyer and Taillyeor 1655, Taillzier 1660, TaUyeour 1593, Tailzieor and Tailzieour 1662, Talyeor 1694, Talyhour 1453, Talyowr 1430, Talzeor 1655, Talzeour 1493, Talzior 1494, Talzour 1540, Talzoure 1467, Tayliour 1661, Tayllur 1296, Taylyhour 1430, Taylyour 1419, Taylowre 1688, Taylzowr 1525, Telyour 1534, Thailzor 1472, Thalzeour 1484, Tyllour 1720. In many instances an Anglicizing of MACiNTAYLon, q.v. "(The surnames of Scotland. George Fraser Black, 1866-1948)


Sometimes you can run into a brick wall in your tree and you just don't have enough evidence to make that next step back in time. A DNA test can sometimes help to make a link to a particular family name if you find you share common DNA with people who have the same or similar surnames as each other. If you are lucky then you may get a match within a few generations and discover some Taylor ancestors. Additionally, the modern DNA test can give you a breakdown of your ethnic mix - you may be surprised at the results!

Unlock your DNAHave you reached a brick wall in your Taylor Tree?

Visit our Taylor DNA page to find out more.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records for the Taylor Family Tree

Birth, Death and Marriage records are often the best method of making the links to the Taylor Genealogy that will form part of your family tree. Although records vary from country to country, they are normally the most formal record of a person's relations. From the sources listed below it will be possible to locate a birth record and, from that record, a birth certificate may be obtainable which is likely to list the names of the parents, therefore taking you back another generation. A marriage certificate may also list the names of the respective fathers of the bride and groom which may then help you to find them earlier in life on a census record enabling you to fill out more detail in the Taylor family tree.

Study Taylor Parish Records at Find My Past.

Explore the UK registered births, marriages and deaths for the Taylor family name using the FreeBMD database.

Search Genealogy BankGenealogy Bank for Taylor family records.

Study MyHeritage for Taylor family data.

Investigate the LDS Database for records of the Taylor family.

Research the Taylor surname using fold3 Military Archives and view images of original Taylor Military records.

ukDid you know that there are currently 239073 people with the Taylor surname in the UK? Taylor is now ranked number 5 for popularity in the UK.

Taylor Family Tree Databases

Investigate WikiTree for user contributed Taylor family records. Collaboration is encouraged so that accuracy of Taylor data can be verified or corrected by other users.

Investigate MyTrees for information on the Taylor family and people looking to contact living Taylor relations.

Study GENi for Taylor family records.

Find your Irish Taylor relatives on findmypast.ie

Taylor Forums

Research the Taylor surname using Genealogy.com forums .

ukDid you know that there are currently 944895 people with the Taylor surname in the USA? Taylor is ranked number 9 for popularity in the USA.

Miscellaneous Taylor Databases

Study the Ellis Island Database for information on the Taylor family. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.

Use the Surname Map project to look at the current distribution of the Taylor surname in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania.

Some people with the surname Taylor

Aaron Abbie Abner Adriana Adrian Alan Alasdair Albert Alex Alexis Alf Alfred Alistair Allan Alrutheus Andre Andrew Angela Angel Angelo Angus Anthony Arthur Austin Barbara Benedict Benjamin Benson Beth Betty Bill Billy Blaine Bobby Bob Brad Brendan Brent Brian Brice Brien Bron Brooke Bruce Bryan Bud Candy Carla Carl Carolyn Catherine Cecil Charity Charles Charlie Chink Chris Christian Christopher Chuck Claire Clare Claude Clifford Codie Colin Colleen Collin Cora Coral Corey Cory Craig Cyclone Cyril Dallas Dan Daniel Danny Darren Daryl David Dean Delroy Dennis Derek Diana Dick Digby Donald Don Dorceta Dorothy Doug Douglas Dummy Ed Edward Elaine Eleanor Elizabeth Ellie Emma Enid Eric Estelle Eugene Eunice Eva Fawcett Ferris Fitch Florence Francis Frank Frederick Fred Gareth Garth Gavin Gene Geoff Geoffrey George Gloria Gordon Graeme Graham Grant Gwendoline Gwen Harold Harry Helen Henry Herbert Herbie Holland Holly Hosea Howard Hudson Hugh Huw Ian Ida Irene Ivy Jack Jacques Jamaar James Jane Janet Janna Jared Jason Jasper Jay Jeff Jennie Jenny Jeremy Jermain Jerry Jesse Jewel Jill Jim Jimmy Jodie Joe Johnathan John Johnny Jo Jonathan Jordan Joseph Josh Jowi Julian Kahurangi Kain Karen Katherine Kathleen Kathy Katie Keith Kent Kevin Kim Kitrick Kris Lance Larry Lauren Lawrence Leah Len Les Lewis Lindsay Live Livingston Lucy Lura Lyle Lyra Maggie Maik Major Marc Marcus Maria Marie Marilyn Mark Mary Matthew Maurice Merrill Meshach Michael Mick Mike Miles Mitch Molly Morgan Morry Myra Natalie Nathaniel Neil Nick Obed Ollie Pamela Patrick Paul Penny Peter Phil Phoebe Piffles Pippa Prentiss Priscilla Pulya Quincy Rachael Ralph Rashad Recy Reggie Reginald Ren Richard Rick Ricky Robbie Robert Rob Rod Rodney Roger Roland Ron Roosevelt Ross Roy Rupert Ruth Sally Samad Sam Sammy Samuel Sarah Scott Sean Shannan Shaun Sholto Shooby Simon Sos Squizzy Stafanie Steel Stephen Steve Sunaura Susie Sydney Tag Tareq Taz Ted Tell Terry Tex Teyana Theodore Thomas Tim Timothy Todd Tomasz Tom Tommy Tony Troy Tut Ty Tyrod Valerie Van Vaughn Vicki Vince Vincent Wade Wally Walter Wendell Whit Will William Zachary Zac Zack Zane